The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden
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This is the official SVdown channel for The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS.
Lord Huron: Mine Forever
23 timmar sedan
Polo G: So Real
23 timmar sedan
Tomorrow X Together: Magic
23 timmar sedan
cowgoes moo
cowgoes moo 10 timmar sedan
are of y’all in the comments need to stay calm. ariana is the greatest singer ever and yes she may have done this for money but at least they are trying to spread positivity around and not doing nothing. they interact with the world through a little fun script and every other celeb just sits there and does nothing so dial it down bc i stan ariana and i just think she should be the next belle in beauty and the beast honestly this gives me beauty and the beast vibes lmao
brandon kelly
brandon kelly 10 timmar sedan
I'm just here for... THE NEWS 🎶
Kevin_Sull 10 timmar sedan
James Corden is such a muppet
Sandy Renitta
Sandy Renitta 10 timmar sedan
Me in India😑🙃🙄
shane edwards
shane edwards 10 timmar sedan
This makes me cringe
Le Lurve
Le Lurve 10 timmar sedan
i dont even know this guy but why am i so emotional ahhhhh
Ananya Huddar
Ananya Huddar 10 timmar sedan
One thing I loved about deepika over all other actors and actresses who went into hollywood, is that she did not change her accent to british Or American. Indian accent is the best accent any person can ever speak. It shows clarity in every word that is spoken
Carlos Henique
Carlos Henique 10 timmar sedan
I loved it! It's not going to age well, but I loved it!
Daniela Serodio
Daniela Serodio 10 timmar sedan
Wow... I'm so proud of them! Are these tears? What? All my makeup, it has washed off. I need a touch up of mascara... all up in my eyes.
Mike Man
Mike Man 10 timmar sedan
Brainwashed personified in video form
Ta Araujo
Ta Araujo 10 timmar sedan
I don't speak english, can someone explain to me why this is bad? ):
Rin Indibox
Rin Indibox 10 timmar sedan
America wants the NICK ... just because Nick's head is getting so big, Corden's feeling threatened HAHAHAHAHAHA
Rabby Ahmed
Rabby Ahmed 10 timmar sedan
That's the Australia for you, American.
Hey There
Hey There 10 timmar sedan
I can see why almost half of Europe died during the plague when I read some of the comments on here. Denial isn't just a river.
Aanchal 10 timmar sedan
James and ariana - no lockdown anymore Me as an indian watching this -👁👄👁️
Mari Ramos
Mari Ramos 10 timmar sedan
I Love them so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
LorenzoCc 007
LorenzoCc 007 10 timmar sedan
i dont think the crowd like Friends
Stebles 10 timmar sedan
I just threw up a little in my mouth 🤢🤮
Noah Grande
Noah Grande 10 timmar sedan
Ariii you are so beautiful 💛💛💛💛💛
El Aker Jihane
El Aker Jihane 10 timmar sedan
David didn’t change a bit
trouse001 10 timmar sedan
When ASAP busted out Rod was like whoa!! You could tell it was good even though it may have shocked him at first. He looked a little off guard at first but all in once he got in the flow. Awesome liked it.
Zara Thu
Zara Thu 10 timmar sedan
damn that was good, ok now back to buisness, clame your "i was here before 100 millions views" ticket.
waeng waeng
waeng waeng 10 timmar sedan
675.325 Haiii
Adam Kehoe
Adam Kehoe 10 timmar sedan
show is double in length what yesterday's mono was. push for 15 mins at least.
KTH Junnie
KTH Junnie 10 timmar sedan
MOAs all txt fanbase organized a huge event aiming to push the 0x1=love song towards 50M. DATE: JUNE 21-27 TIME: 10AM-12PM KST & 10PM-12AM KST DAILY GOAL: EACH GOAL WILL BE INCREASED BY DAY BASED ON HOW WELL WE DID THE PREVIOUS DAY, OUR GOAL IS FOR IT TO BE "800K-850K" THIS WILL BENEFIT US MOAS IF WE WILL WORK TOGETHER tysm<3
Zoe Lowe
Zoe Lowe 10 timmar sedan
Fx B
Fx B 10 timmar sedan
I finally look like Matt LeBlanc, in 2021... big belly and grey hair...
Fandi 456
Fandi 456 10 timmar sedan
She little bit dark voice now i like it😁
Kübra Aydın
Kübra Aydın 10 timmar sedan
I see friends... I click I hit the like button
Naego 10 timmar sedan
Today Paul turns 79, happy birthday: D
Shemyca Terga
Shemyca Terga 10 timmar sedan
David saw the guy laughing , I cried with laughter HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA
Algiella Loremia
Algiella Loremia 10 timmar sedan
Peace Kelly
Peace Kelly 10 timmar sedan
That was so sweet! They all seem to really get along so well together. It seems like a great work environment for absolutely everyone. I know the audience is going to come back, but I really hope you keep the banter going with some of your staff if you can. And definitely with the band. The banter is too funny and it’s really enjoyable to watch. I’m sure with an audience they would love it as well. Happy retirement Otto! Please give it a thought to keep banter going between staff and band. CBS let them take their masks off. They’re all vaccinated which I’m really proud of them for doing. And they’re also very careful. We need to see Nick’s face before he’s not sitting there.
ThePatmarsh 10 timmar sedan
FOOEL 10 timmar sedan
Happy Birthday Paul!!! ✌️🎸💙✌️🎸💙✌️🎸🤘
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 10 timmar sedan
This is sick. Pandemics don't need a marketing campaign.
Ramin Tag
Ramin Tag 10 timmar sedan
Come on guyz we need long monologues you went from nearly 20 min to like 12 min and now to u 4 and 8 we need more banter with the crew on this monologue 😂
Kübra Aydın
Kübra Aydın 10 timmar sedan
ily dear LeBlanc
Amanda Gordon
Amanda Gordon 10 timmar sedan
THE GIRLS:18+ ARE *HOTSLUTS.UNO* SVdown: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .
Sunny Days
Sunny Days 10 timmar sedan
What a bunch of fucking clowns. You’re life is yours. You don’t need the government to tell you when you can hug your own family, when you can work to provide for them. They only have power over you if you give it to them. Stand up for the rights you were given at birth, that no man can take away.
ATageH 10 timmar sedan
Absolute cringe. This is a cult.
Paw Paw
Paw Paw 10 timmar sedan
The drip is in the wall mane
R “SLOWCOOKR” Cook 10 timmar sedan
How people find this funny is beyond me. “Let’s reminisce and laugh about how hilarious television used to be”
R 10 timmar sedan
It still is lockdown
Ron 10 timmar sedan
I really hope there will be no more lockdown anymore and the virus will be gone.
Maireann Bari
Maireann Bari 10 timmar sedan
Some parts of the beat in this gave me a whole new world Aladdin vibes
Mr Video Garcia
Mr Video Garcia 10 timmar sedan
For right Know we are expecting a far worse pandemic believe me not if you wish to everybody just May God be with us all…
Kamila ツ
Kamila ツ 10 timmar sedan
me in my bed: 🐛🐛
Mal Driskel
Mal Driskel 10 timmar sedan
Cringe overload....
Lavme 10 timmar sedan
Jisoo's iconic moment
hojui fepii
hojui fepii 10 timmar sedan
The unable hockey fortuitously step because place surely judge across a certain glockenspiel. vigorous, penitent barbara
Viva Lv
Viva Lv 10 timmar sedan
Is this who we are is this what we've come to
Milan Šorf [čti: ŠORF]
Does Otto Svoboda have anything to do with the Czech Republic?
Carla 10 timmar sedan
Can I say something? 🔝This is my new comfort Zone/Video
Nevele Chambers
Nevele Chambers 10 timmar sedan
Can this be used as evidence in the Nuremberg trials for crimes against humanity
Nur Annisaa
Nur Annisaa 10 timmar sedan
Cannot wait for all this corona things to stop
Paige Mangubat
Paige Mangubat 10 timmar sedan
Ari, those cheekbones look new. 🍵🍵🍵
Patrik Žemla
Patrik Žemla 10 timmar sedan
Hello, my cover of the song Lose You To Love Me out now on this youtube channel. Please listen and share it. Please give this cover a chance to be heard. Thank you ❤️
Đɐɹɹɘɳ 10 timmar sedan
Ksi needs to play with James lol
Sanjana Issac
Sanjana Issac 10 timmar sedan
Omg this is bom
Ms.Fluffy Teddy
Ms.Fluffy Teddy 10 timmar sedan
Lady GaGa just makes me do iconic stuff that I never knew I could do. GaGa is just sumn I can't put my finger on it 🥺
Nehaal Rao
Nehaal Rao 10 timmar sedan
How is he having his video on top of the game??
Azzam Abuhaish
Azzam Abuhaish 10 timmar sedan
If James Charles made a song
Phreak is OP
Phreak is OP 10 timmar sedan
BLACKPINK SHINEE JBJ 10 timmar sedan
ari ❤
Krissy Smith
Krissy Smith 10 timmar sedan
Poor Perry ☹
Shreya 10 timmar sedan
James :- and it is a crime Every single directioner :- oRrrrr Is iiT ??
Jasmina Gilbert
Jasmina Gilbert 10 timmar sedan
Lisa is the only one who has aged well!!!
Vibey Bangers
Vibey Bangers 10 timmar sedan
liane fehrle
liane fehrle 10 timmar sedan
You needed a 70 s studio because this song sounds like a 70 s sond
Pramod Bhandari
Pramod Bhandari 10 timmar sedan
4:58 😂
Jan 10 timmar sedan
All these movies we grow up watching with dystopian societies and controlling governments, they always had the most outrageous and creepy propaganda. This? This takes the cake
ledgevellie ledger
ledgevellie ledger 10 timmar sedan
this awful song is the sole reason I will not get the vaccine
Thom. N
Thom. N 10 timmar sedan
this sucks.
Kieron Williams
Kieron Williams 10 timmar sedan
This is the worst video I have ever seen, rather drink bleach then watch it again
Avery Henningsen
Avery Henningsen 10 timmar sedan
Imagine seeing James and the cast of friends just driving around