All Time Low: Once In A Lifetime 

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James welcomes Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat from All Time Low, and the band is itching to get back on the stage this summer. And James asks them about their song "Once In A Lifetime" and the guys share a special performance of it.

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26 maj 2021



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mariuszyreau Dag sedan
damn I love this band since 2009
Sarah Briggs
Sarah Briggs 5 dagar sedan
I’ll never forget when I heard them for the first time 13 years ago ♥️♥️ still get just as lit.
rana jardine
rana jardine 7 dagar sedan
OMG I never thought that they would be this big🥲 so proud of my boys🥲
Katherine w
Katherine w 8 dagar sedan
Been with these guys since 05. So proud
Cass Hearsch
Cass Hearsch 8 dagar sedan
I would die for this band.
Brittany Gervais
Brittany Gervais 9 dagar sedan
Is this how my mom felt when "new kids on the block" came back
boo bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Day 33 of asking James Corden to do a carpool karaoke with Louis Tomlinson since he won’t kidnap 1D and reunite them to make our year better 📇
limoncello 12 dagar sedan
this goes so hard
Barbara Chandler
Barbara Chandler 13 dagar sedan
They stay true to themselves and to what their fans love about their music. They get better and better, when you think ALT can't top that, they do
Kytkat Flidais_Firefly
Kytkat Flidais_Firefly 14 dagar sedan
You guys will always be number 1
Kytkat Flidais_Firefly
Kytkat Flidais_Firefly 14 dagar sedan
Nat l
Nat l 15 dagar sedan
stxries unfold
stxries unfold 16 dagar sedan
I know this obviously processed but I've seen ATL live and they are genuinely the best live band. Their performances outshine their studio recordings in every way and i love that about them
9aracna TM
9aracna TM 16 dagar sedan
Kevin David
Kevin David 17 dagar sedan
Those of you who think this was an actual live performance are so Lost In Stereo.
Ellie Robson
Ellie Robson 17 dagar sedan
Been a fan since 2008 I’m 20 next Wednesday and going to see them for the first time ever in London in September I can’t wait. My no.1 favourite band and I’m so happy I’m going to finally see them 😭😭😍😍🥰🥰
텅빈 17 dagar sedan
NyaFishy- 17 dagar sedan
Martin Ryan Mendoza
Martin Ryan Mendoza 17 dagar sedan
Carpool Karaoke with All Time Low!
Victória Martins
Victória Martins 17 dagar sedan
so so proud of them
Pepsi Guy Gaming
Pepsi Guy Gaming 17 dagar sedan
🎵 song starts at 2:17
Pepsi Guy Gaming
Pepsi Guy Gaming 17 dagar sedan
Why is the interview not separate
Sofia Greaves
Sofia Greaves 18 dagar sedan
I’m actually crying I need to see them live this year
Sergio Cashpa
Sergio Cashpa 18 dagar sedan
SuperMisterKory 18 dagar sedan
This is just fucking weird. Never in a million years would I have thought Smithy would even say the words "All Time Low", let alone have them on his talk show in 2021.
Gaylittleangstyboi 5 dagar sedan
@SuperMisterKory I feel like it's all cuz of Monsters haha
SuperMisterKory 5 dagar sedan
@Gaylittleangstyboi It's so strange. It feels like only a few years ago I was obsessing over So Wrong, It's Right when nobody knew who they were and now this.. hahah
Gaylittleangstyboi 6 dagar sedan
They're so huge suddenly right?
50 shades of Micheals hair
The one time I'm not watching James Corden they have one my favorite band on
Rio Vidyatmaka
Rio Vidyatmaka 19 dagar sedan
NoobForSoup 19 dagar sedan
Pop Punk making a comeback! Amazing.
Joshua Tan
Joshua Tan 19 dagar sedan
Imiss rock 🎸
karl luis
karl luis 19 dagar sedan
that's mah boizzz
Livin' Large with LCruu
these dudes are nothing short of amazing and I truly cannot wait until their first tour back I could literally cry thinking about it (oh wait, I am!!)😭😭
Maria Wida
Maria Wida 19 dagar sedan
System Phantoms
System Phantoms 20 dagar sedan
The confetti on the keys though-
Hollywood Scenery Music
He can sing without tuning , im disappointed
Bett33 BoneZ
Bett33 BoneZ 20 dagar sedan
A. W.S.
A. W.S. 20 dagar sedan
He looks like Dave Grohl and reminds me of my favorite 90's bands.... I like it.
A. W.S.
A. W.S. 20 dagar sedan
When you think you are getting Jon Bellion and then ............. 😭🙈😂
Meghan McLeroth
Meghan McLeroth 20 dagar sedan
My babies have become so successful and I couldn’t be happier for them😭❤️
Leopard Gecko Vlogs
Leopard Gecko Vlogs 20 dagar sedan
Azka Ray
Azka Ray 20 dagar sedan
JakobeDM 21 dag sedan
At 1st I thought it was back tracked but started hear the same deference I was like wooooah...and I mean SMALL deference which just shows what incredible musicians these guys are lol its awesome
Mikey Truelove
Mikey Truelove 21 dag sedan
Absolutely stoked to see them in September!
Luke !
Luke ! 21 dag sedan
tatataytae 21 dag sedan
saw this live when they performed in Ventura for the Mental Health festival and ATL never disappoints
Emily Divina
Emily Divina 21 dag sedan
Wait a minuteeeeeeee ATL on late night?! My youthhhh
Deekoy 21 dag sedan
Martin Sun
Martin Sun 21 dag sedan
Pop punk in mainstream media? Nice! Or this ain't really mainstream? Anyway it's all good 😊
Connor On YouTube
Connor On YouTube 21 dag sedan
Love seeing that old all time low logo on on Alex's neck, definitely nostalgic
Elizabeth Omosura
Elizabeth Omosura 21 dag sedan
Is it just me? or they looked like a twinnie for me 😂❤️
Madatu Datudick Jr. Datumanong
맥또미니 21 dag sedan
My childhood, my teenage years, and still my favorite band. ❤️
Jerika Ternora
Jerika Ternora 21 dag sedan
They deserve everything
Tanjiro 21 dag sedan
Put this version on spotify pls
Tanjiro 21 dag sedan
I love you, Alex and Jack 💯♥️
Andrew Reimherr
Andrew Reimherr 21 dag sedan
fan of this band since 06. isnt it crazy they are just now hitting the big time.
Paige Jasmine
Paige Jasmine 21 dag sedan
Chin Villas
Chin Villas 21 dag sedan
It was never a phase, it’s a lifestyle!
June Burn
June Burn 22 dagar sedan
Having my favourite tv host talk with my favourite band is such a happy moment for me. So proud of what these boys have accomplished over the years; they stay humble and true to themselves no matter what and it's such a joy to be apart of this crazy ride with them. This song came at a really important time for a lot of people, and I'm sure I'm not the only one beaming with happiness every time they achieve another milestone. Can't wait to see them again in concert, it's going to be epic! All the best to everyone reading this! Love from France
Emer Slančova
Emer Slančova 22 dagar sedan
Jalex at its best
chelsea Sargeant
chelsea Sargeant 22 dagar sedan
This is amazing, loved all time low since the beginning and still love them now 💜
You Nit (Bad_Player)
You Nit (Bad_Player) 22 dagar sedan
Marie 22 dagar sedan
Look at how far they’ve come 🖤🖤🖤🖤 so well deserved!!!!!
Alexis Woodberry
Alexis Woodberry 22 dagar sedan
I am so proud of the boys!!!!!!! Ive been listening to all time low for ages and it's so great to see them finally getting their mainstream success! I sure hope it doesn't stop there :)
Lorena Frazão
Lorena Frazão 22 dagar sedan
I love that we are all just as emo as in 2010! 😍
Jessica Heil
Jessica Heil 22 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks it hilarious that James doesn’t know how much Jack and Alex joke so he was trying to be serious with them?
50 shades of Micheals hair
Same here
Kate L
Kate L 20 dagar sedan
Exactly what I thought 😂
Maine 22 dagar sedan
So proud of these guys! I've been a fan for about 15 yrs and I'm so happy to see them guesting on these big platforms (Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, and now this). They deserve to be recognized!
Alésa Mars
Alésa Mars 22 dagar sedan
The boisss🙌🏻
Chloe Louise Swann
Chloe Louise Swann 22 dagar sedan
I will literally never love any band like how I love this band, and I've been saying this since 2010
rbcm 17
rbcm 17 22 dagar sedan
I feel like a proud parent 🥰 loved ATL since I was 16 and I’m 28 now, I’m so happy for them.
Wilma Bennett Johnson
Wilma Bennett Johnson 22 dagar sedan
Finally the world are going to discover their (All Time Low) talents
Megan 22 dagar sedan
so so buzzed to see my boys finally get some solid gp promo and exposure, they've deserved this for so long and i'm so happy to see their success continue to grow!!
Laura Duncan
Laura Duncan 22 dagar sedan
Some beautiful voices these guys have 😍😍
Claudia Morillon
Claudia Morillon 22 dagar sedan
the song is sooooo good!!
Claudia Morillon
Claudia Morillon 22 dagar sedan
this is so amazing
Lewis 0234
Lewis 0234 22 dagar sedan
How about a live performance…
Lewis 0234
Lewis 0234 22 dagar sedan
This isn’t live….
YuXal 22 dagar sedan
Good to see them getting back to the main scenes again, love you guys! :)
melony 22 dagar sedan
I’m so proud of them🥺
Hey, it's me!
Hey, it's me! 22 dagar sedan
So proud of them!!❤❤
cocotaemin 22 dagar sedan
All Time Low stays sounding even better in the live version than in the studio version💃
goon bois
goon bois 22 dagar sedan
The studio version of this song was AMAZING! But this....whoa they killed it! Can’t wait for sad summer fest!
Tên Giả
Tên Giả 22 dagar sedan
So happy to see the bois get the attention they deserve 🎉🎉🎉
Coleen Lou
Coleen Lou 22 dagar sedan
so so proud of this band 💕 been a fan since 2011 😊🇵🇭
A Happy
A Happy 22 dagar sedan
Gosh I’ve missed these boys so much 😭 summer come quick! I can’t wait to hear this live 🤟
Stephanie Doran
Stephanie Doran 22 dagar sedan
💗💗💗💗 squeeee
Rula Savira
Rula Savira 22 dagar sedan
so proud of how far they've come :')
Beverly Henkel
Beverly Henkel 22 dagar sedan
so worried Dan wasn't going to get the right keys with all that confetti 🤣
Dang 22 dagar sedan
Michelle Anne Villamor
Michelle Anne Villamor 22 dagar sedan
Carol Saint
Carol Saint 22 dagar sedan
Crying like a proud mama. They've grown so much, i'm so happy for them, they deserve every kind of recognition they get.
mr big
mr big 22 dagar sedan
lame band though fitting name for rocknroll these days
mr big
mr big 22 dagar sedan
@Summer M well there is worse out there lol
Summer M
Summer M 22 dagar sedan
xFrozenInHellx 22 dagar sedan
I missed it thank god for SVdown lol
You Nit (Bad_Player)
You Nit (Bad_Player) 22 dagar sedan
alright this sounds so f-ing good.
Patricia Barrios
Patricia Barrios 22 dagar sedan
So excited my daughter, Sarah Barrios is playing Lollapalooza too!!! And she is a huge fan of All Time Low!
Rifah Khoirina
Rifah Khoirina 23 dagar sedan
I love this song love this song love this song love this song love this song ❤️
MelissaTayylorr 23 dagar sedan
I’ve been a fan since 2009 and gosh I’m so damn proud of them 🗣🗣🗣🗣
MelissaTayylorr 23 dagar sedan
Also it’s strange seeing Alex without a guitar lol
JDRluver11 23 dagar sedan
If they could put this version out too, that would be fantastic! 😍
FramedPixl 23 dagar sedan
ATL is such an amazing band!! I heckin love you since high school! I'm 27 now!! I grew up with you, bro!!
Alessia x
Alessia x 23 dagar sedan
oh my what an amazing performance! they deserve the world.
Guitar Buzz
Guitar Buzz 23 dagar sedan
i love all time Low
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