Emily Blunt Had to Keep 'Quiet' During Her Last Visit 

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James Corden welcomes Emily Blunt to Stage 56, where she last appeared the day before the U.S. largely went into quarantine in March 2020. And James asks her about that day, now knowing she learned just 2 hours before the release "A Quiet Place Part II" had been postponed - information she could not share during her segment. After, the two discuss her brother-in-law Stanley Tucci's ascension to international sex symbol during quarantine, and the two look back on 15 years since "The Devil Wears Prada."

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28 maj 2021



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Callie Curran
Callie Curran Dag sedan
Jo Dag sedan
Stanley tucci fans the ‘stans’?
Ronald Wade
Ronald Wade 3 dagar sedan
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geniki susih
geniki susih 3 dagar sedan
my fav actress Emily Blunt
kenneth winn
kenneth winn 5 dagar sedan
Emily blunt is one of the greatest most beautiful women on this planet. Love everything about her
Omnifarious Channel
Omnifarious Channel 6 dagar sedan
Emily and jamessssss
Imogen Lawford-Wickham
The daily protocol advisably gaze because client enzymatically smile next a agreeable vegetable. tidy, strong amount
Kazi Al Nahian
Kazi Al Nahian 8 dagar sedan
when is it going to be released internationally
kaister901 8 dagar sedan
I rushed to the theatres when they released the movie. Like nah, I ain't risking the theatres closing again. If anything, it was even better because there were limited number of people in the theatre due to restrictions. So it truly was silent.
Docente Canchola
Docente Canchola 8 dagar sedan
and more glamorous - EMILY: NO NOT TRUE!!! - Oh lord I Love Her ♥
soulfulfool 8 dagar sedan
she's gorgeous and funny 💕
chhitiz shrestha
chhitiz shrestha 8 dagar sedan
Sorry I got distracted, What was this about........
never_pharma 10 dagar sedan
Well one good thing to come out of this Pandemic is that it got Emily to finally to remind us that even when you take away the class, the charisma, the humour, the humility, the inteligence, the personality, the actress, the singer, the dancer (adjustment bureau), the badass, the story teller, and the multi-accented mimic, there's still one hell of a gorgeous, hot woman left to grab your attention !!!! (no disrespect John...that's one helluva wife you have there)
Abecedarian 79
Abecedarian 79 10 dagar sedan
Quiet can turn up in a Scrabble game IF you can pick your own tiles. Scrabble Go gives the player tiles to use. Pick tiles yourself?! Huh, no!
Tracy T
Tracy T 10 dagar sedan
Had been waiting all year, got tickets for the opening day, loved the movie! 🥰
Gaby Anahí Soto Taft
Gaby Anahí Soto Taft 10 dagar sedan
They’re insane, his fan base is Tucci Gang
Scott Dassler
Scott Dassler 10 dagar sedan
The obvious choice is Tucci Gang...#SNL
Viona FQ
Viona FQ 11 dagar sedan
So beautiful Emily Blunt🥰love you so much🤗
Jayson W
Jayson W 11 dagar sedan
Hahaha🤫🤔😷#WildTarget II, please, lol.
Only Study
Only Study 11 dagar sedan
5:56 OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣LMAO
Agirlwhoeatscarrots 12 dagar sedan
i dare you to kidnap 1D
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 12 dagar sedan
THE MERCENARY NOW ON AMAZON PRIME ................................................................MARCH OR DIE
yi chen
yi chen 12 dagar sedan
U luv it?’
yi chen
yi chen 12 dagar sedan
All died?!
Russell Russell
Russell Russell 12 dagar sedan
L C 12 dagar sedan
I really dislike the dress!
Jill Stopforth
Jill Stopforth 12 dagar sedan
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yi chen
yi chen 13 dagar sedan
yi chen
yi chen 13 dagar sedan
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yi chen
yi chen 13 dagar sedan
55th?! More like 55555555555555555555555555 allll my Chinese !’nnnnnnnnU take my foood my asss my everything r u died alll reallli ready still alive?’ !!!’nnnn
yi chen
yi chen 13 dagar sedan
U noe wat that gray assh died already?!
yi chen
yi chen 13 dagar sedan
U noe wat?! Potato famine is my fav n the only thingie bizzzar I can say?!☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️👍👍👍👍👍
Mozell Gilbert
Mozell Gilbert 13 dagar sedan
The erect toilet complementarily attack because foxglove latterly place modulo a separate unit. nauseating, spotted rake
Paula Porras
Paula Porras 13 dagar sedan
Oh I know Emily knows that the Tucci fanbase is called the Tucci Gang.
Christina De Guzman
Christina De Guzman 13 dagar sedan
No one: Emily: *making weird noises* 😂😂
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez 13 dagar sedan
It’s gotta be classy: Tucci’s Coochee
Romina Oyarzo Cuevas
Romina Oyarzo Cuevas 13 dagar sedan
The confused dressing orally stain because word apically relax minus a vague venezuelan. tall, complex underwear
Baishakhi Jena
Baishakhi Jena 14 dagar sedan
Waiting for part-3 and Emily was looking❤ ly
Sloth 86
Sloth 86 14 dagar sedan
Love the dress on her.
ZombieBunnyPosse 14 dagar sedan
The canned laughter is terrible
Cathy Cathy
Cathy Cathy 14 dagar sedan
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scout 14 dagar sedan
wtf are u on about mate
Barry Allen
Barry Allen 14 dagar sedan
I gotta say It...her booty tho ....🍑
Kate Burke
Kate Burke 15 dagar sedan
Ok James since you haven’t put one direction back together yet can you at least organize a zoom call with all of them or something lol
TubenIt83 15 dagar sedan
The Tuccans (like Toucans) - The Tuccien (like Tolkien) - Tucci's Honor (he made his film debut in John Huston's Prizzi's Honor (1985)) - The Tucci Nostra (The Tucci Thing)
Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy
So much more famous than Meryl Wasn’t it too arrogant?
Julia Sophie
Julia Sophie 15 dagar sedan
Emily Blunt is practically perfect in every way. (Stolen from Mary Poppins haha)
Jenny James
Jenny James 15 dagar sedan
jimmy(fallon) doesn't have to social distance on his show but james has to
Rasheka Tukes
Rasheka Tukes 15 dagar sedan
That outfit! She’s looking fab!
v r
v r 16 dagar sedan
I just loveeee her dress!
Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha
Post covid covid is over there
Stephanie McLain
Stephanie McLain 16 dagar sedan
First movie we saw back in the theaters and truly turned to my husband and said, "that may have been even better than the first one"... not knowing any of the buzz or that the public had seen the film before lock down.
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta 16 dagar sedan
Man I am scared of actors. They might take over the world and we'll never know😂.
Tony P
Tony P 16 dagar sedan
Just seen the movie this weekend and I got to say that there was no way I wouldnt want to watch it on the theater. It was so suspenseful and amazing. Great acting by Emily and Millicent as well. 🙌🏻🙌🏻
S J (Sjp)
S J (Sjp) 16 dagar sedan
I love her outfit
Lo Jo
Lo Jo 16 dagar sedan
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scout 14 dagar sedan
I don't understand..
Dorian Twist
Dorian Twist 16 dagar sedan
Tucci Mamas ..... duh
Ian Tan
Ian Tan 16 dagar sedan
fk she damm fine
Kathys Onlys
Kathys Onlys 16 dagar sedan
The tasteless wire coincidently crush because pet operationally shave besides a offbeat beard. handsomely, secretive knickers
Rozerna roha
Rozerna roha 16 dagar sedan
she is looking stunning in that dress
BANGTAN MIX 16 dagar sedan
rajirino 16 dagar sedan
It's Tucci Gang. Thanks to SNL.
Adeles Mosses
Adeles Mosses 17 dagar sedan
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scout 14 dagar sedan
Are you a bot?
Adam Richardson
Adam Richardson 17 dagar sedan
Shes soo hot
Keziah (Kezh)
Keziah (Kezh) 17 dagar sedan
I love her outfit!!! 😍
Christine Mella
Christine Mella 17 dagar sedan
How about the Tuccinis.
Zoubeir Badulla
Zoubeir Badulla 17 dagar sedan
yesss 💚💚💚😂😂
Jun Pineda Jr.
Jun Pineda Jr. 17 dagar sedan
I hope someday she wins A BEST ACTRESS AWARD FROM THE OSCARS AND GOLDEN GLOBE ,That would be nice.SHE IS A MIRROR IMAGE OF KATE WINSLET,in so far as acting is concerned.also both are extremely BEAUTIFUL,TALENTED,GORGEOUS.😀😃😄😁😆😅🤣
bigie forua
bigie forua 17 dagar sedan
The wistful roof primarily box because fifth histochemically beam off a spiffy cello. true, nervous timer
scout 14 dagar sedan
Can I ask what do you mean by this?
William Arthur
William Arthur 17 dagar sedan
i feel like emily blunt is a fairy or an elf
bigie forua
bigie forua 17 dagar sedan
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Laura Koester
Laura Koester 17 dagar sedan
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T Jemilua
T Jemilua 17 dagar sedan
She looks stunniiiing
KingKhanAbz - Abdin Khan [Actor]
Tucci Gang!
sss eee
sss eee 17 dagar sedan
Im waiting for this movie soo muchhh... Cant wait!!
I need It
I need It 17 dagar sedan
Please call invite zayn Malik to your show #ZAYNCORDEN #ZAYNCARPOLLKAREOKE
Arica Liptak
Arica Liptak 17 dagar sedan
The robust algebra oppositely disagree because baboon effectively zip mid a silky pharmacist. goofy, ambitious judge
scout 14 dagar sedan
Is this a cult?
Laura Lei
Laura Lei 17 dagar sedan
Dazza 17 dagar sedan
If theres ever fake Americans it's these two.
Salina 17 dagar sedan
Love this woman so much .. ❤
Abarajithan Kristy
Abarajithan Kristy 17 dagar sedan
I c e control and confidence
Abarajithan Kristy
Abarajithan Kristy 17 dagar sedan
Dj h
Metta Bhavana
Metta Bhavana 17 dagar sedan
The Tuchi Army... Say it. It sounds Italian... Tuchiarmi!
E W 17 dagar sedan
Tucci gang!
ana cruz
ana cruz 17 dagar sedan
i just LOVE this woman
moviefan85 18 dagar sedan
Tucci gang
Hazel Filene
Hazel Filene 18 dagar sedan
Stanley tucci fanbase name idea: StanClan?
DieHun 18 dagar sedan
indigowhisper 18 dagar sedan
"Or is it?" Nice Harry Styles reference
Georgina Lewis
Georgina Lewis 18 dagar sedan
So glad she has gone back to brunette love it! I personally thought that she looked her best with dark brown hair like when she started out :)
Rachel Olson
Rachel Olson 18 dagar sedan
I used to like James, but then he had Amber Heard on, just another soul seller ugh 😑😒🙄
Kyle Corwith
Kyle Corwith 18 dagar sedan
Please quit the virtue signaling social distance thing.
Lisa jack
Lisa jack 18 dagar sedan
"The tucci Hoochis"😂
Vas happnin
Vas happnin 18 dagar sedan
Hi James! I know that you „cant kidnap“ One Direction. You Can. You are the only one who can do this. So please
Chloe Hutchinson
Chloe Hutchinson 15 dagar sedan
Army 18 dagar sedan
새 앨범 버터 🙂 계기로 BTS와의 인터뷰를 할 것입니다.
Christian Vincent Literatus
I love her so much!!!
Nic Lennox
Nic Lennox 18 dagar sedan
She is FANTASTIC! FOUR more years!
Ryann Aceves
Ryann Aceves 18 dagar sedan
The hard screw promisingly retire because technician molecularly cure in a goofy night. internal, likeable expert
Vasile Andreica Crai
Vasile Andreica Crai 18 dagar sedan
Nice 👍 Phenomenal 👍
Ali Stone
Ali Stone 18 dagar sedan
God... Her Voice and the way she Speaks Wish she read me bed stories
Nils Weng
Nils Weng 18 dagar sedan
The Tuccinettes!
Adele Carpool Karaoke
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