It's Time We form Our Own Boy Band! 

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James Corden is excited to kick off an episode with the Jonas Brothers as guests and it inspires him to put together a Late Late Show boy/man band. We offer congrats to Jeff Bezos for reclaiming the title of world's richest human being after what must have been a trying 24 hours, and a grand jury has been convened to look at Donald Trump. And James takes massive issue with the "500-foot-long" cheesesteak in Philadelphia.

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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

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26 maj 2021



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Rusty "A81L1FY" Sessions
Am I the only one that can't function today because I know that James has one sleeve rolled up and one not under his jacket?!?!?! o.O AHHH!
Kate Cosette
Kate Cosette 20 dagar sedan
I love that this is pinned 😂😂
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell 21 dag sedan
Why did you tell me this?? Argh!
Jan S
Jan S 22 dagar sedan
Axtruzz YT
Axtruzz YT 22 dagar sedan
@The Late Late Show with James Corden 😂😂😂
The Late Late Show with James Corden
oh no. i didn't need this information.
The Enders
The Enders 5 dagar sedan
What is your BoyBand called
D Bone
D Bone 8 dagar sedan
5:19 No way he could keep that up for an hour...
Victoria Sillo
Victoria Sillo 8 dagar sedan
Yes James, please start your own boy band. I know of five British guys that your fans would LOVE to see in this band together #1D
Umut Er
Umut Er 9 dagar sedan
Why there isn't a good subtitle
Jia Kaur
Jia Kaur 10 dagar sedan
boo bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Day 33 of asking James Corden to do a carpool karaoke with Louis Tomlinson since he won’t kidnap 1D and reunite them to make our year better 👌🏻
jacky mai
jacky mai 14 dagar sedan
The secretive dahlia fascinatingly spill because epoxy latterly place without a naive war. quick, boiling corn
Michael Brinkerhoff
Michael Brinkerhoff 14 dagar sedan
Absolutely love this show and I hope they stick with this set up it's better than having the audience
B. R.J.
B. R.J. 14 dagar sedan
GOTTA LOVE!!!!😘💋 JAMES+ LATE SHOW--- my fave host 🤣🌊👏👏 so UNAPOLOGETIC & GENUINE, and full of laughs , smiles, and funnnn times!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Love ya British Twin LEO BRUTHA From ANUTHA🌈✨🎉👏
Karen 17 dagar sedan
Bring back Nick Bernstein, he really was a funny addition to the crew/audience. Fact that the product placement begging, including the cruise, was nixed does not break my heart. (It went on too long, and went over the top). But the disappearance of Nick does.
The Rose and Hammer Teahuis
Where their is a witch hunt their will be a laminated ranking sheet, c'mon
Adam Dinet
Adam Dinet 18 dagar sedan
Ian Karmel is starting to look like Mario with that mustache....Love this show.
Lee Connors
Lee Connors 18 dagar sedan
If you don't comment on the news intro it's not a show
KAUSTAV SAHU 18 dagar sedan
3:08 Susan's laugh made my day
Evz.14 18 dagar sedan
EmpyreanLightASMR 19 dagar sedan
Conan did this
Ann Ritter
Ann Ritter 19 dagar sedan
Please do not allow your band members to assault/destroy the musical instruments! There is a moral imperative to preserve that which allows you to showcase your gifts.
David Connell
David Connell 19 dagar sedan
A boy band without Dave is just a mistake
Northern Drone Werx
Northern Drone Werx 20 dagar sedan
The band fan group should be called 'the fellowship of the Penix'
Alex Blumberg-Long
Alex Blumberg-Long 20 dagar sedan
That jacket is dope
Sindu Gokulapati
Sindu Gokulapati 20 dagar sedan
rolled up sleeve in a jacket AHHHGH hats of james u pulled it off. i would have spent the rest 3 minutes adjusting that !!!
Arya M
Arya M 20 dagar sedan
No, i didnot think if 1D although the monologue
Anvi agarwal
Anvi agarwal 20 dagar sedan
God James! Just reunite One Direction!
Will Carter
Will Carter 21 dag sedan
Bernstein or bust
Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan 21 dag sedan
Sliver Penix...
Rob Wisniewski
Rob Wisniewski 21 dag sedan
Its a bit hypocritical for him to make fun of sandwiches. Im sure he got excited watching the video!
Em “Em” M
Em “Em” M 21 dag sedan
As much as I want to be an audience member…. PLEASE DON’T GO BACK TO AN AUDIENCE… it’s too funny this way!
Teddy Bearington III
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali 21 dag sedan
🙀🙀🙀Already?! After just 24 hours?! Damn! Geez!😱😱😱
Okin Nivlek
Okin Nivlek 21 dag sedan
Omg kneeling into a Lego is the making of nightmares.
Max Gray
Max Gray 21 dag sedan
Thank you James for using the correct plural of Lego unlike one of your other late night host.
// F L I P F L O P G E T H O N E Y //
Include Nick Bernstein in the boyband!!!
N Marshall
N Marshall 21 dag sedan
Are you guys running on fumes or the bosses giving you a hard time . 10 minutes wtf
V 21 dag sedan
I've enjoyed this show the most without the audience. It seems more intimate and chill. Absolutely love it. I know the audience has to come back, but I hope the best aspects of the no audience format that made it so magical can be preserved.
Becky Collins
Becky Collins 21 dag sedan
Ugh I wish you weren't the host for the Friends Reunion. You were sooo annoying and not funny. Less talking more listening dude.
Kelly Ch
Kelly Ch 21 dag sedan
I have been watching and enjoying the crew banter mire than the guest interviews. Please keep these going longer!
maryhazlett 21 dag sedan
Seems like the greatest witch hunt was in Salem Massachusetts back in the 1600s.
Josh Anthony
Josh Anthony 21 dag sedan
I think they got yelled at! And whatever Happened to Hagal's beach trip? I think they got in trouble, lol
dena stern
dena stern 22 dagar sedan
James is like "Oh I have to be cool about BTS, even though Baby Mochi threw me under the bus"
Manar Almousawi
Manar Almousawi 22 dagar sedan
i see boy band i click
JC 22 dagar sedan
Another day, another disappointment! Come on guys, you know what everyone watches this for 🥲
RCZG 22 dagar sedan
the penix goes into the putty
Melissa Prentice
Melissa Prentice 22 dagar sedan
I think Penix should be the opening band for the Jo Bro tour...
Harald Schmid
Harald Schmid 22 dagar sedan
I am not happy to see Trump back on the menu. The show is a lot funnier without him. Other than that, brilliant as usual.
Nikoletta D
Nikoletta D 22 dagar sedan
I see the word boy bands and James Corden in one place, I will be there to comment: Bring back One Direction, please! That is just natural instincts, you see, natural! So chop-chop! Thanks!
Sara Wärlestedt
Sara Wärlestedt 22 dagar sedan
The late show penixes!
Isabella Campos
Isabella Campos 22 dagar sedan
I think we can all agree that the team are the best guests late late show could have
Nick Herrington
Nick Herrington 22 dagar sedan
Why toned down? If the people are saying they liked the recent equation, higher ups, why abort it? I personally will go elsewhere if this gets worse. No respect for the die hards watching? Bad form
orsireads 22 dagar sedan
Sad how the Friends reunion with Ben Winston and James wasnt mentioned.. contracts are a sad thing.. also where’s the 20 minute chat I’m used to?!
Kolby Huseman
Kolby Huseman 22 dagar sedan
When fans come back in studio, please stay as relaxed and off script with band and production team involved like they are now. It’s gold.
Chris x
Chris x 22 dagar sedan
I am very disappointed James says a Lego and Legos as a British person...
Jennifer H
Jennifer H 22 dagar sedan
I was ready for a Baby Mochi reference and nothing. Come on Papa Mochi, Jimin misses you! 💜
HARRIS LAM 22 dagar sedan
Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders 22 dagar sedan
Need an update on Pete and George. What happened to the zaniness? Nick don’t clip our wings, be the wind beneath them.
MissEAG 22 dagar sedan
I wish the higher-ups would realize they don't really have the best sense when it comes to what works for this show. Letting it grow organically without too much input from those who aren't actually ON the show has been the best thing that ever happened to the late late show! P.S. Penix-head right here!
OTFStudios 22 dagar sedan
I feel like they maybe cut out the nude beach conversatoin because it was too graphic? It feels like the elephant in the room this week.
ArgChica 22 dagar sedan
Yeah it is Philly. That is all I got to say about. We all know what I mean🤣🤣🤣
Feras Al-Lababidi
Feras Al-Lababidi 22 dagar sedan
Sorry this now feels like just any other night show. Scripted and basic.
angela piccolella
angela piccolella 22 dagar sedan
Wow, this show took a turn for the Meh. The feeling is off, the batter is weird, I geuss someone in charge had to tell them to reel it in. It's kind of depressing.
M M 22 dagar sedan
Even if you don't have time to show the whole banter on TV, please upload the 20min unedited pre-monologue banter on youtube
Gamersoldier100 22 dagar sedan
James, I'm sorry but couldn't imagine your being quiet for an hour! About the sandwich, I completely agree!! You guys are awesome!!!
Nina O
Nina O 22 dagar sedan
I would love to see a carpool karaoke with Penix!
Sara Huang
Sara Huang 22 dagar sedan
Someone needs to show James Super Junior’s Shindong. James can be in a boy band if he wants!!
Kate Cosette
Kate Cosette 22 dagar sedan
If the executives want to keep the energy down here, James and the crew should start their own channel or something. Miss the fun 🥺
angela piccolella
angela piccolella 22 dagar sedan
Yeah, this sucks. Everyone looks serious and pissed off even though they are laughing.
Kenesha Allie
Kenesha Allie 22 dagar sedan
No cruise ship horn in a minute 🤔😏 Show boat update?? Nick??
Rebecca 22 dagar sedan
ok so ngl I've been trying to find Penix online and all I can find is an EDM band out of Nashville and I listened to their demo it's good if you're needing soundtrack music for slow-mo walking all badass like into an arcade to take out the town's top player but be chill about it. penix is also the last name of an artist, Derek Penix, and the last name of Indiana's quarterback and some other people, several of whom are musicians that live in other countries. MOVE OVER, NICK. I AM NOW OBSESSED WITH TIM AND HIS GHOST BAND.
Teresa S
Teresa S 22 dagar sedan
Who so wants to hear Penix now?!?! It’s true, the good looking one often disappears from the scene, but hey no need to throw shade on the Prius!
Rick Gamble
Rick Gamble 22 dagar sedan
Philly's noon news today agreed with you about the cheesesteak: "He does have a point".
Cat Life
Cat Life 22 dagar sedan
Yeah...next time y'all try to get involved..don't get involved.
Manasa Prasad
Manasa Prasad 22 dagar sedan
0:11 James you know it's time for you to do the same with 1D.. you want it, I want it...WE ALL WANT IT
Ian Sherwood
Ian Sherwood 22 dagar sedan
Cheese stake 155.5 m, use Metric!
Rebecca P
Rebecca P 22 dagar sedan
Is this the monologue? :( I liked the previous ones... my favourite thing to do is watch this show the next day, asap.
Ian Sherwood
Ian Sherwood 22 dagar sedan
what about the women in the band?
Nethra Sprint
Nethra Sprint 22 dagar sedan
Did they tape 2 shows in one night? James seems to be wearing the same outfit for 2 shows. Right?
Paula Baptista
Paula Baptista 22 dagar sedan
what happened with the show on a cruise idea?! 😢 was so looking forward to it!!! feels like they got a huge hand-slap, pace of the show is now James and the crew trying to pick it up again... 😔
angela piccolella
angela piccolella 22 dagar sedan
Yup, the spark is gone. Really sad.
Todd Cochran
Todd Cochran 22 dagar sedan
Gotta say that’s a bold statement about child birth lol
Marla Brannan
Marla Brannan 22 dagar sedan
Ian - you're looking great, man! Well done! Also Portland City of Roses I see you. :)
The Swagnificent Mick
The Swagnificent Mick 22 dagar sedan
Dude Ian looks so good today when did he get hot?
Hanna Booklover
Hanna Booklover 22 dagar sedan
Only ten minutes today? Aww
joshfactor1 22 dagar sedan
have you completely forgotten about boyz ii menonrah?
Bryan C
Bryan C 22 dagar sedan
I don't want to go back to the audience. I know it's inevitable but please, have a day a month with no audience and have this format. It's magic!
Barbara Klein
Barbara Klein 22 dagar sedan
Don't form a boy band ... reunite the other one ... ONE DIRECTION
G D 22 dagar sedan
Ian's Portland Rose cap is dope - The show is dope. Dope Dope Dope! Penix is Double Dope.
Destroyer ofworlds
Destroyer ofworlds 22 dagar sedan
James lost some weight
J So
J So 22 dagar sedan
The Cheesesteak party quite a long affair, too... my friends were complaining about the ongoing noise, all night!~ In fairness to the Rim Cafe (whose owner's party it was!), there is no oven to bake a 510 foot Amoroso roll, and we all know Amoroso rolls are what make cheesesteaks good.. Sorry for all the product name-dropping, Nick :)
Val Villanueva
Val Villanueva 22 dagar sedan
"Witch hunt trump" is the biggest Karen of them all.
Weird NotLame
Weird NotLame 22 dagar sedan
I feel we are all subconsciously bracing ourselves for the end of this ride. As if we’re expecting to be disappointed when they get an audience 😂😂😂 James, if you’re reading this; DONT do it…. Orrrrr… if you do fo it, please do more work and still have this format lol thanks mate
Ashley Entenmann
Ashley Entenmann 22 dagar sedan
That lego story hurt me to my core.. I literally did this 2 weeks ago and I'm just now able to bend my knee again. I kneeled down full force onto a lego, had to pull the corner out of my skin which I couldn't get to stop bleeding for 20 minutes! It got swollen and I couldn't walk for a few days. I bruised the Tibia and connecting ligament to the knee cap. shit is no joke!!!
Karen Willough
Karen Willough 22 dagar sedan
peko peko
peko peko 22 dagar sedan
The swanky mile classically examine because gasoline relatedly greet alongside a optimal plantation. acidic, gaping bar
Kariné Poghosyan
Kariné Poghosyan 22 dagar sedan
Ok James, we now need an album/ live performances by Penix 😂☺️ Let’s hear it 🎶
kathy bell
kathy bell 22 dagar sedan
This is funny but it does seem like the principal is in the classroom so everyone is behaving but holding their breaths waiting for her to leave so they can have fun. James you are looking fine! Do more with your jacket off.
Reza Mousavi
Reza Mousavi 22 dagar sedan
Am I going blind or it's been a few days that these videos are not sharp? They seem to have a whitish hue
Axel Niesczeri
Axel Niesczeri 22 dagar sedan
Kind of lame this week. What happened to last weekend’s adventures? Suddenly not so good.
Jun Wong
Jun Wong 22 dagar sedan
At 8:39 I put a spoonful of hot stew into my mouth, and roughly 5secs later was when I regretted it. Another 3secs later I totally lost control and it just went in every direction. With some of it left in my nostrils.
Linda Le
Linda Le 22 dagar sedan
Still waiting on Hagar beach date update!
Daniel Gregory
Daniel Gregory 22 dagar sedan
Either the excursion didn't happen, or we don't get to hear....that thread has definitely been cut!😞
Natalie Hummer
Natalie Hummer 22 dagar sedan
Thanks for the laughs every morning! Much appreciated.
Zoe Robinson
Zoe Robinson 22 dagar sedan
Having knelt on Lego I can confirm it is exactly like that
Kevon Kaylor
Kevon Kaylor 22 dagar sedan
Well Sabrina can come out of hiding since we're after Trump.
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